Frontiers in the Now

It is essential to the quality of living, for all persons, to feel legitimate options that are felt in the very now, or the moment. It is better for these felt true options possess the potentials for near, medium, and far future surprises or unestablished (as of now) changes in one’s life ahead. Whether dreams

Realistic Personal Liberty is only if and when the other(s) liberties are infringed or infracted upon in an unfair and unreasonable way, that informal casual amends or apologies might be made, or police or legal action taken, in more severe cases. This amounts to a sensitivity and mercy upon the degradation or sad loss of basic and

Audio Immersion

Nonfiction-style Video-Audio Immersion Distortion — a mental simulation threat to human self-focus and self-determination N.V.A.I.D. is Harmful in Absorbing Attention and Distracting Lives Many people have considered that if there were Constitution-based legal or governmental restrictions to be placed on televised news broadcasts, that such would be done to defend each citizen from being indoctrinated

Evil Deeds Feasible

In this opinion essay, basic everyday mild-to-moderate preferred treatment ethics are considered to range from: totally optional inclinations aimed to not unduly hassle self or others, in fair reaction to preceding behaviors of all involved, to inclinations to please others and self in bonus extra manners, with the range then increasing to severe issues. So