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The Concept and Reality of Liberty

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Liberty Indicators is aimed to act as a source of discussions on liberty issue factors, for optional and available reference to anyone, in his or her personal assessing of any governmental, commercial trade, parental, familial, or fraternal social behavior personal practices or formalized policies, between two or more persons.

Patrick Lee Cheatham – Liberty Indicators Essay Blog

Always and by Nature, we are faced with community and governmental forces, which ever flow between individuals in a social manner, unless for an individual while in private.

Patrick Lee Cheatham – Liberty Indicators Essay Blog

Liberty is not at issue when assessing a person’s effects upon oneself, and thus such thinking would be nonsensical. Liberty is only a matter of interest and applicability, and always applies, as between two or more persons.

Patrick Lee Cheatham – Liberty Indicators Essay Blog

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Paradigm Shift

The road ahead toward the near and far future, through unpredictable conditions

My company activities are entirely toward publishing: software apps, music, photography, graphic designs, blogs of essays, and later books.

At this stage, there is little likelihood of significant income for several years, from any of my products published thus far. My main and only available self-driver is contribution toward future consumers, as personal monetary benefit is not yet available, nor imminent. If I were to become deceased before the many years required to develop these essays well enough for final book publishing, all would be for naught, unless I leverage the blog format. This reality is a force of reality upon me in the now, and had formerly shut down former book writing efforts, from exerting a great deal of effort in lengthy process even when in early stages of book writing, placing my authorship efforts in a virtual isolated void of purpose, fulfillable in any way that could sustain my drive in the now, real-time.

Leveraging the Blog Format

To handle this pitfall of the isolated writer, I have switched into published Open-View-Editing style with this blog, to fulfill my motivators toward contribution of ideas, by way of having this blog prepared to last many decades in the future, in whatever condition any future accident might leave it in.

This is even at the obvious risk of my rough brainstorming and very poorly written prose, while still under initial development, not painting favorably on who I seem to be. The less obvious risk of putting readers of this blog’s posts through uncomfortable reading experiences while these essay posts are still quite the mess of notes, I do apologize for. Readers might be faced with: hard to follow wording, erroneous seeming-implications followed by inconsistency at seeming-reversal, and more oddities while reading someone else’s brainstorming prose.

Regarding the Future

The result of using this open-view-editing style, is the establishment of immediate archival of each improvement to the essay writing process, as published for maybe centuries ahead, regardless of death or accident or delay, with each blog update to this living and breathing essay project.

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Patrick Lee Cheatham is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain, a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, and is presently a self-employed solopreneur, as Media Artist for Talon 38 Personal Media Single Member Limited Liability Company (SM-LLC). Patrick’s personally valued and enjoyed activities are quite varied, yet nearly all coalesce in some manner, and at some time phases, with heavy desktop personal internet client computer usage, and with continual self-invested sense of eventual delivery of authored media to others for their enjoyment, empowerment, or valued utility. Patrick remains responsible to his officer oath of office, as do all retirees. He possesses the U.S. Air Force Research and Development badge, and the U.S Air Force Pilot badge, from service as an airframe-propulsion integration engineer, and as an F-15E evaluator pilot.

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Self-Gainful Personal Liberty for All when Social

This blog provides the author a means through which to document and present his personal liberty social theory. The author’s theory is partially based in historical Social Contract theories of the 17th and 18th Centuries. However, the author independently asserts his own newly developed precepts, proceeding beyond classical theories. Using additional 19th, 20th, and 21st Century more recent historical experiences of mankind’s governmental and commercial cultures provides more examples from which to learn, and adds contemporary practical issues to consider and make timely.

The author asserts his unique and very specific theory precepts and interpretations while not pretending to analyze based strictly on others’ historical theories, and instead admits responsibility for his own opinions, and also admits to the lesser degree of credibility and weight his own precepts should carry with them, in keeping with the situation that has his personal theory standing as new, untested and undebated, as of the year 2020.

This blog also includes far more than just theory developments and the ethics and practical realities behind them. Additional material covers cases which inspired the author to action, often prompting him to write essays of opinion analyses, for his submission to staffs of government and commercial officials, in efforts to sway lawmakers and other leaders to take eventual action on problem areas. The author considers such activism to be his volunteer civic responsibility from a solely personal interpretation of his continuing Oath of Office duties while in retired military officer status.

These case studies are presented as opinion analyses of contemporary orgainzational policy systems, lawmaking decisions, and legal procedures. Some cases are applauded as well done, and some cases are identified as problem areas, to the author’s opinions. If the author believes specific policy systems, lawmaking decisions, or legal procedures to stand as present dangers to the human rights of United States citizens, then he explains the nature of what he considers to have strayed from United States constitutional goals.