Attend to Loss Only

man with hands tied together with rope

“Living Liberties” as a term can refer to individuals living portions of their days, with reasonably available access and opportunity to do as recently planned, and of course with exceptions and failures fairly natural, and sometimes expectable, if not likely.  As a regular daily reality, for a person to exercise their “Living Liberties” (once termed “Liberty to Life and Limb”), merely involves engaging in the activities of the hours, or yielding on an activity if unable, sensibly differing to another activity, in particular exception cases.

Liberty infringements, minor to major, could be if and when a third party, willingly or unwittingly, has side effects on a person’s “Living Liberties” to an intensity such that the current hour’s activities become rudely interrupted to a full halt. Hurt or harm is maybe also done physically to the extent of wounds or hospitalization, or an individual might be unnecessarily forced by the course of negative results of negligent actions to cancel out on an entire set of planned activities. In some cases the missed activities might gladly be of minor nuisance, but these happenings can in fact cause great harm, depending on what degree of severe consequences come about due to cancellation and failures in a person’s day.

This is where good social unofficial policy between friends, good social constructs by organizations and families, and good legal codes based properly on Social Liberty, shine through. The supportive spirit and valuation of the living liberties of individual persons guides Social Impact on Living Liberties goals with firm preference away from authoritarian scrutiny on specific individuals’ lives. 

Rather than scrutinizing individuals for heightened liberty and opportunities, the actual issue of concern arises only when an individuals liberty is somewhat downtrodden below nominal, and has nothing to do with high liberties, high opportunities, and individual’s possessing very high quality lives, at least for temporary time periods.

Authoritarian and Dictatorial theories would promote individuals evenly looking to ensure every individual has it similar, with no one having real-time quality of life too good. That is not the Liberty way. The Liberty way is to free and not be jealous, and to leave the field of interplay to strive as it does, by individual means, unchecked, and instead only react to those rare situations that steal liberty and bring persons down, unfairly.

Individuals can be socially self-restraining and withhold from vicariously inspecting others’ liberties as if looking to spoil good times, and instead can remain sensitive and alert to his or her friend’s or families reductions in personal liberty that stand as unnecessary and/or unfair, caused improperly by other parties.

The approach to infringements on Living Liberties is not one of retribution, or attracted to punish the doer of actions. Looking for a personality or a role to be filled is not the Liberty Theory way.

To this approach to matters, may each individual not be scrutinized, and may they each be having a grand and great week, which some might consider to be unfairly a case of too blessed by their own liberties. And to this approach to matters, may there be no adversary and may good social conversation and support deflect away mostly accidental detrimental influences on a given man’s, woman’s, or child’s liberties.

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