Each Self Matters

There seems to often be a logical difficulty with the seemingly competing concepts of Equality and Individuality. In reality, there is no competition, for the notion of Equality is not comprensive, nor as absolute as perfectly identical clones of individuals. Rather, the notion of Equality is merely of “species equality” while allowing for “individual uniqueness.”

Relationship between Self and Others

One could consider oneself to be no better than others, at being a human. The last clause need be said, or the statement makes no sense.

One could also consider oneself to be better than all others, at the role and blessing of being one’s unique self and me.

Regard Aiming, at Self and Others

Maybe we should not aim ambitious designs on others too much so, unless of course we are in parental or other oversight roles. Those ambitious and giving or caring aims might better be aimed at Self-Respect and Self-Love.

Maybe we should start with abstaining about aiming our regards at others. Thus, what we might aim to provide or engender for others might be instead Noninterference and Inclusiveness, primarily.

Is it worse to be “Selfish” or is it worse to be “Othersish?”

I have for many years now disliked greatly such wordplay as when television news reporters throw the word “selfish” in description of an individual, which to my beliefs comes dangerously close to corrupt criticism of an individual or group of individuals merely for having self-respect and self-interest. So I now do what I can to turn the tables on Selfish, and argue forth that it is a good, noble, and beautiful characteristic of each one of us. Selfish persons might actually display a lovely style of employing beneficial self restraint while self-aware going for self-gain in their quality of life pursuits, with a nice touch of respect for others gaining some in life, and with no begrudging of others greater or lesser opportunities, and no envy of the more fortunate. This would be a person of self-integrity looking out for number one, while abstaining from hampering others in the same pursuit, and while being far from Othersish, which would be to overly manipulate and care on behalf of others, or which is to engage in class baiting with envy or bigotry against the successful. These are two very different manifestations of detrimental and unattractive Othersishness, seemingly different but leading back to the same overstepping for (and on) others.

Worshipping the Self’s Ideas

It’s not just for organized idealistic religion, it’s for fascism also…

Some readers might not have wondered what the effects are on the individual of abstractly revering or worshipping disembodied and tangibly not present, and not approachable personally, entities or cultural idols.

These nebulous entities or idols stand to mankind’s ability to prove or disprove (by way of interactive experience and measurement) as indefinite and beyond my posing of either real or fictional. By definition of the supernatural or metaphysical, it could arguably be beyond our get, so sensibly I cannot judge another person poorly for belief in the supernatural, though I am stand as atheist myself.

Some persons might take issue with religious citizens engaging in self-experiments by convincing oneself of communing with gods or angels, and there may be a concern here. For me, I feel it would be worshipping myself via “my” idea of the supernatural, and might very well lead to some strange brain operations and fissures or mirrors which I might not care for. However, this phenomena if engaged in by a sincere believer of a religion with self-restraint and ethics towards others, stands as much less potentially self-distorting and destructive as the worship of “society” by those in fascist movements.

Idealizing the Team, against each Member Self

Fascism is a weighty matter of considerations in how each Self regards the Others, and somehow makes the intoxicating error of pointing a regard at the team, or the organization, or the society, that actually places that idol of the organization on a pedestal far above any member of that same organization, team or society. This promotes worship of the society, and comes with attitudes that would be willing to step on each member, in the name of the team. This is a personal problem, whereby the individual is worshipping and revering themselves, by way of revering his or her own buildup to something magically special about the “team” or “society.” Engaging in fascism is dangerous.

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