Folic Acid Gluten Retardation

From my personal research online, I have discovered that the contemporary “gluten” allergy issue goes back to the year 1998, when a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation of 1996 became actively enforced two years later.

The mandatory regulation released in the year 1996, made it such that by January of 1998, all food with even a trace of wheat flour in its composition, plus nearly all breakfast cereals regardless of grain content, was forcibly required to contain the inexpensive synthesized version of natural folate. This is termed folic acid. This mandatory fortification of enriched cereal grain products with folic acid was and is a U.S. program adding an approximate estimate of 100-200µg of folic acid per day to all citizens’ diets. The enrichment being mandatory for all U.S. food manufacturers and foreign republic importers was justified by the Food and Drug Administration of 1996 based how it aimed to moderately benefit pregnant women’s unborn fetuses from developing Neural Tube Defects, for those very few and rare women whose fetuses would be at risk.

The reasoning behind the law was to reduce Neural Tube Defects to the fetuses of women who did not “eat right.” Not all pregnant women eat strong and optimal diets, thus some very few were not getting good daily natural folate. Good folate content, which is especially important to adult and child brain functioning and brain health, comes from eating vegetables, beef liver, fruits, nuts, coffee beans, gray-toned beans, and other foods gaining folate content in the eaten flowers, beans, fruits, and leafage, by way of being grown on leafy bushes or trees.

The mandatory folic acid regulation of the year 1996 I put forth is an unconstitutional and dangerous way for a federal administration to wrestle basic natural living liberty and civil rights from each citizen of the U.S., and it has established a terrible precedent for the federal government to socially engineer down to the singular citizen level, his or her own individual liberty to eat as available and desired, and sadly all in the name of broader societal improvements, and that to benefit just a nearly negligible percentage of our U.S. citizenship. Stamping out small percentages sadly does make for project managers to find a poor and unethical way to proceed. Reduction statistics grant closure to overly perfectionistic projects.

The 1996 FDA regulation is a failure. More recent Genetic research has newly brought to light that the usage of folic acid rather than natural folate has had and still has potentially disabling adverse effects on the bodies and brains of a significant percentage of U.S. citizenship, at approximately estimated 20% of all citizens, who are of a particular genetic type. Also, it goes against constitutional basis in three ways.

  1. The FDA Regulation acted on a grand scale not commensurate with the scale of the birth defect rarity and infrequency, legislating with a mushroom cloud to attack a problem the size smaller than a shotgun piece of shot.
  2. The FDA Regulation did not explore differing ancestral and genetic ethnic genealogies existent predominantly within the United States citizenry in how differing types of genetic coded citizens might react to the folic acid.
  3. The FDA Regulation absolutely undermined the U.S. Constitution security of blessings of individual liberties to belong and stay to each individual citizen’s self-management, especially in the scope of something as personal and common to all humanity as that of grocery and dining shopping.

First, enacting a FDA Regulation that effected 100% of the U.S. citizenship population, in the name of protecting a mere 0.000063% of the population from a rare type of birth defect, does not stand to reason on economies of scale. If the federal government is going to elevate mere General Welfare over the Secured to the Individual Blessings of Liberty, in how each individual must have their every daily bite of food modified unbeknownst to the shopper and diner, without any free market will or natural forces to guide the matter, but instead a George Orwellian Big Brother food enrichment law, then in the decades ahead of us, we should ask our lawmakers to restrict the FDAs powers to do these sorts of policy changes, learning from our mistakes.

The law did reduce from around 2000 per year to around 1000 per year the resulting rates of these defects upon births in the United States.

There is debatable recounting evident, indicating that approximately 70% of United States population citizenry is actually benefited by folic acid, as that demographic possesses liver function ample to the task of folic acid excess removal, keeping up with continually ongoing time.

Predominantly Old English ancestry, and/or inter-ethnic genealogy involving American Indian ethnic persons long deceased, seem to factor in.

Genetic tests, often offered in installment plans inexpensive monthly, do often indicate Methylation genetic mutations, from merely swabbing a cotton swab along the interior of a cheek.

The issue for a person with either one mutation, the other of a total of two potential mutations, or both mutations, is not reaching for some great amount of folate, but rather aversion away from folic acid: “enriched” products, folic acid fortified labelling, and cereals of any grain composition, if noticeable to the shopper that the flakes could have been long-soaked before drying. I have noticed that dumplings could seemingly not hold together with folic acid enrichment. Particular types of donuts might have escaped as well. Almonds in very few daily or weekly consumption, are wonderful. However, to my research, great quantities of almonds deliver brain-ready norepinephrine in excessive quantities. Pistachios and very small-bred peanuts seem superior. These are evident in some milk chocolate bars, and in coated candy peanuts. B-complexes, to my research, deliver an overload of B6 to the entire central and peripheral nervous system. Toxic will degrade quality of life heinously in delayed effects difficult to notice. Poisonous has the mercy to end, when all is said and done. This is no battle between artificial and natural, for hemlock might be a terrible way to suffer, for days, before all is said and done.

2000 birth defects, when compared to the overall United States population of over 317,000,000 (as of several years ago) amounts to better defended and cared for newborn babies amounting to approximately 0.000063% of the U.S. population. In contrast, the radical nature of the law to forcibly enrich and fortify the broad dietary food sources of the entire United States population, such that society would eat healthier as an Orwellian whole, and such that individual civil liberty to be free of food control and for citizens to self-determine, with natural economic selection processes involved in real-time to react in response to poor food and beverage performance, their food and beverage dietary intake with individual responsiveness and customization, was sadly cast aside in decisions to force citizens to have what is deemed ahead of time, to be regulatory enforced for all time ahead, to chase the policy evils of: fortification and enrichment, best for them and to care more for abominations of twisting economic natural forces of nature forever henceforth, blinded for results up the ramp of project fixation, rather than defend individual liberties and rights to eat as available and as desired, in real-time, which would return to nature and evolution of societies over decades, the real-time powers to react individually and by business entities in food manufacture, any discovered evil fortification and evil enrichment abdominal forces. Fortification/enrichment attempts to perfect our natural lives, for all time after regulatory enactment, and also succeeds at disarming the populace and their selective economic natures of their abilities in real-time to use natural selection to personally and organizationally perform mere everyday adjustments with the liberty to do so, for standard living our lives, hour-by-hour, in these United States.

When the regulatory measure was enacted, there was actually little to no controversy concerning the functional exact equivalence between natural folate and synthesized folic acid. Even as of now, during this year 2020, many online sources of information on folic acid and natural folate still authoritatively document that they are interchangeable, and one and the same. However, other online sources and other professionals in physiology, biology, and medicine are clear that there is a very large and significant difference in how folate is digested and delivered within the human body, in comparison to how “folic acid pre-fortification” is managed and used by the human body.

The key indicator is the presence of any personal name attached to an opinion, as to what I am likely to consider, in online sources of information. That presence does not indicate that opinion is wise or informed, or ultimately closer to correct, but lack of presence of any personal name attached to an opinion, surely could be used as a personal guide to disregard at the get-go, the entire set of information sources from selection pool of sources, as a standard general personal internet study policy.

New learning and species awareness from the “human genome project” shed light as to the reasons why the artificial enrichment of fake folate did benefit about half of the ancestral genetics, and did not benefit the other half.

(Essay under development. More to come…)

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