Frontiers in the Now

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It is essential to the quality of living, for all persons, to feel legitimate options that are felt in the very now, or the moment. It is better for these felt true options possess the potentials for near, medium, and far future surprises or unestablished (as of now) changes in one’s life ahead. Whether dreams or undreamt of surprises come true is not the issue yet, while living in the moment, with these frontiers. Regardless of the changes coming or not into fruition in the not-yet-existent future, the potential for this future changeability (as then at the moment) does need to be real to us, and thus legitimate and no scam, as we plan basics, and dream of open years ahead, and feel no lockdown away from anything unexpected, or unforeseen, to the strictures of our present contracts in life. That covers lease and mortgage contracts, and employment contracts.

Option frontiers, as I term these factors, range greatly in terms of the magnitude of what a person might look forward to wonderingly and avidly, and in that range, most option frontiers are actually fairly unambitious and basic and are thus not about grand dreams or over-ambition. Actually, just little junctures ahead in a given day, or for the week longer included, and maybe an event or two about a month in the future, are the lifeblood of this, much more so than ideas for years out. However, even with no idea or guess as to a person’s status and livelihood several years ahead in the future, it does stand as important that the unknown and unknowable about that time frame not be too tightly predetermined and thus squelched, by present long-term contracts to stay in an abode, be an employee at a company, and so forth. We all live better if we have open enough frontiers.

The potential we feed on every day must feature some small amount of real legitimacy, in order to have possible later fruition potential, in a realistic assessment of future likelihoods.

Even more important, the frontiers such potential can give us benefits most from being full of unknowns, likely surprises, and associations with related or intuitively connected further options and frontiers. These secondary links of potential can strongly though vaguely tie into the main potential’s options, plans, and frontiers that are more immediately felt, imagined, and currently relished.

Having lived many years straight in severe disability due to brain illness significant and entrenched gluten or folic acid depression, I have grown a very acute understanding of the importance of “frontiers felt in the now,” from being deprived of even beginning to relate to such aspects of living life in the moment, as those brain functions were regularly and relentlessly degraded to inactivity in me. Living many months in such a state, then followed by better improvements and a return of sometimes frontiers to my experiencing the now, showed me clearly how important these frontiers in the now are in everyone’s life.

Frontiers in the now is about personal welfare integrity (or nervous system wholeness) that extends beyond health metrics. It also extends more humanely much deeper, to consider the personal wealth of future potentials and freedom of that future from excessive predetermination, than a shallow and cold analytical monetary-only assessment of purchasing power, to inaccurately be some measure of personal welfare.

What can the reader learn from all this? Often many people cannot understand why people who are on low income, or who are nearly or fully homeless, do spend their limited financial powers and opportunities on pursuits and endeavors that are not all solely aimed at suffering all consequences and costs to quality of life, in the name of going full tilt just living to capacitate greater financial position, or reduce financial weakness. This is cruel, in actuality.

My stance aims to defend those who are impoverished and working on financial improvement, for wisely maintaining quality of living with some niceties, regardless of that not obsessing over the bottom line. Some readers might not be aware that bread and water living stands as unacceptable self-foolish self-treatment when everyone’s basic sanity and welfare depends upon at least some minor optional leisure, hobby, or entertainment engagement once or more per month. There is no need to feel bad about not having considered that. From my observations on the human condition, theorizing up other peoples’ experiences just never has the potential to work much in the first place. One must live certain situations to gain wisdom as to them, or as in this case, read or hear a recount from someone like me. Continuing, there is also a good reason for the upkeep of near-term to medium-term frontiers for new surprising potentials. Thus, I defend as wise, those impoverished persons who put money into the lottery on so very many days, for smartly keeping their frontiers open, all day long. Never surrender having a dream, I say.

A sad case in point I believe results from some particular activists attempting to assist and support disabled mentally ill persons by providing convenient and comfortable assisted living, all arranged and settled. This only happens in a blind void of understanding of human nature. Those making decisions have never tried to live this way themselves, and do not know how the preeminent feature of having a future, is having an openness to one’s future true and legitimate in the now, breath-by-breath, and moment-by-moment.

In these cases, very important viable frontiers, usually felt in the moment, have been crushed by these permanent assignments to facilities. Once assigned to these assisted care facilities, a situation was felt deep in chest of many: of no future that could be open or unknown, or could show any sign of surprise or wild option as to where a person might be living in years ahead, or what a person might be doing for occupation or passion in years ahead, and so on. Equipping disabled persons with everything prearranged and handled seems at first inaccurate glance, to be a great idea. However, shutting down the future lifeline to forevermore be doomed to such a final-answer assisted living arrangement, especially at very young ages, is an atrocity.

This happened and still happens because of poor understanding of frontiers, felt in the immediate now.

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