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Nonfiction-style Video-Audio Immersion Distortion a mental simulation threat to human self-focus and self-determination

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Real-time Readership Inspires Avid Writing!

N.V.A.I.D. is Harmful in Absorbing Attention and Distracting Lives

Many people have considered that if there were Constitution-based legal or governmental restrictions to be placed on televised news broadcasts, that such would be done to defend each citizen from being indoctrinated and swayed unfairly toward broadcaster viewpoints and opinions. But that is not the crime upon civil liberties of N.V.A.I.D. which I believe justifies restricting televised news broadcasting to lose all audio capability in influence over the viewers and listeners. The crime is a matter of absorbing viewers attention and distracting them from their personal and interpersonal lives and goals and ideas, by way of saturating the viewer with very absorbing and immersive other issues to attend to and concern oneself with, in a manner which temporarily overrides each viewers personal life and interests.

The after effects of viewer absorption is the audio, rather than the video. “Ear-jacked viewers” (it would please me: maintain colloquialism integrity, if referring), when it avails them, should have fellow citizen verbal defence to “conclude” what they “conclude” from any information source, as a matter of being on the alert for “partial liberty takeover,” parenting of fellow adults style, between fellow adults. Prime defence mode is casual conversational prompt by a nearby (and only nearby) — conveying that fellow citizen need interrogation” is potentially abusive, and would paralyze any humans self-determination latitude to defend person without risk of attracting other “need interrogators” wrath, if raising voice or seeming to have broken the “agreement to always agree” by a slap to the face. All ages are wiser than any other at their own breathing and morale, thus failure to inform of at least one brief factor to fill in, is not self-demoralizing. Also, the TV dramatic news uses this “evil of information omission” to Terms of Agreement with subscriber, to sow disinformation by failure to “provide” context, totally. The greatest harm to quality and richness of life — thus the thrive factor — is not opposition betwixt citizens of very limited liberty to begin with, physical contact even, but the “representation” of oneself being overridden by another fellow adult citizen, with on scene other fellow citizens approving blindly, is the would conceptually be: liberty travesty. Some few among us even have a “TV HQ watching” personal character “impediment” — from N.V.A.I.D. — about events around them, Propagation of energies is what our central and peripheral nervous systems do, and propagation of newspapers is done by delivery truck and bicycle. Propagation of neuron electric excitation between neurons is what allows any reader to read this. Using “propaganda” (Italian) does likely seem silly to many Europeans. Self-effacing colloquialisms abound, from quick quips, then not later reconsidered, like short tempered temperance, missing opportunities to launch better fare than script writers do. “Social Media Postal Services” await?

The Broadcasting of Televised Audio-Embellished News Dramatic Stories…

This is entirely an opinion essay. Televised nonfictional depictions and stories delivered in real-time concerning very recent current events, do present other persons of interest activities derived from realities having happened recently. This broadcasting, along with similar social service video plus audio broadcast online, informs the subscriber to a very cursory in depth, and very incomplete in context, while the subscriber is listening to human quality fidelity home theatre living room audio. This exposure to such audio having improved between the ending of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s by connection of televisions to home stereo receivers, presents stories of little value but to be misconstrued versions of any keeping tabs on matters of merit or worth, but also of great power in seeming comprehensive and complete, plus to the listening subscriber having video and audio input to the brain that he or she knows is not fiction.

May Be an Infraction upon Subscriber Civil Liberties and Human Rights…

This competitor to the human animals true personal and interpersonal life, rendered in high fidelity audio, escorted by guides acting live and real-time, and in a home theatre simulation setting devoid of warnings of the simulation power over the human brain, is capable of producing powerful override by the contents of the broadcast as being more relevant and more personally to be invested emotionally and logically in, than that subscriber’s own personal life, interests, valued activities and pursuits. This competing with the listeners’ own personal life absorbs the listener to such a great degree that the listener/subscriber is bound to lose priority and perspective track of his or her own life to at least some degree worthy of some sad loss to each, left only to news story self-considerations and discussions with other listeners, to the gross exclusion of all other factors involved in human hours and days. This distortion and interference cut-in to self-determination continues for potentially many hours after an half-hour or more long listening session might come to an end.

When Our Own Brains would Like Mute and Closed Caption

This is a hypothesis, and a proposal for consideration by each reader:

  • Nonfiction recent-topics video discussing and showing persons not in any way associated to the listener, if consumed with quality audio active, infracts upon all humans’ liberty to self-determination, for up to hours after listening sessions.
  • This I believe meets the high bar of taking too many liberties with/from each television news subscriber, without warning available from any party that such listening to this type of format is bound to render the listeners’ current personal and family interests as secondary, or in conflict with depicted and told stories previously. This is a psychological and psychiatric assessment of the limitations of each of we humans. It is not a complaint that is very much about what listeners are swayed to believe, and instead I would feel much more glad for each peer in humanity if exposing himself or herself to reading of text type Drama News, or viewing of still images and illustrations, but surely not video with human voice-matching high-quality audio.
  • I have noticed personally that muting of audio greatly reduces the liberty stealing effect. Closed captioning reading of newscaster comments is also fairly benign, and has effects very similar to reading the newspaper.
  • I believe that these infractions are cause enough for parties in the U.S. government justice department to consider debate and investigation into the possible filtering of all audio and requirement of closed Captioning, only for televised recent-topics nonfiction, for televised recent history documentary, and for television advertisements on a case by case basis, if the displayed scenario is not fictitious enough to stand the test of drama, comedy, or fiction.

Features of N.V.A.I.D. Worth Mentioning

Like in many cases, maybe it is actually a better path not to work toward a standard terminology of 4-5 words, which when trying to recite does lose noticeable meaning, but only at first. Leaving terms to 3 syllables maximum, mostly, has not been a benefit provided to our ears by this sort of recent-event nonfiction misconstruction, for decades of morphing human speech patterns, by now. I’ll instead list several words that all are important, and shorter versions can be built with 3-7 of those, possibly;

  • Recent Events Nonfiction
  • Video with High Quality Audio
  • Storytelling in Nonfiction
  • Simulated Escorts in Living Room
  • Simulated Traversal Elsewhere
  • Illusory Twist of a Collapsed Few Story World

Misconstruing, Immersive, and Accepted

I do not much enjoy storytelling of news or dramatic constructions based on real events elsewhere on this globe, than right where I stand or sit. It’s all simulations and constructions: of actually being in the minds of others and actually being familiar or family with the persons of interest, and actually covering the whole globe in just three ironclad multinetwork agreed on storylines. So it is not fiction or fabrication. It is worse, for it is misconstruing, by misconstruction, meaning it is visually and audibly built into the eyes, ears, and brains of viewers/listeners as deformed in how it is constructed at the news studio, and delivered through the audio-video system, as compared to real scenes out there, or real ideas within, to be visited in person and real people to be met, or real dreams to plan on. It is thus the immersive experience that tricks us into thinking it is not immersive by way of its commonality, boring technology, and “real 3D” living rooms, and that harms only much when our subconscious’ do not have the advantage of a totally different human mental mode of “enjoying pure fiction” via comedy show, drama show, any category of fiction, or fantasy humorous advertisement. That mode switches back and forth for each of us, very rapidly, upon recognition of real personal issues differing from comedic television advertisement, drama show, science fiction, fantasy, or comedy show: all much better, and to my concerns in this — no threat to us and thus to be defended and delineated firmly in greatly differing effects on people, mostly harmless, or if ever harmful, not by format or technology or psychology, but just by random popup singular cases here and there, which is no call for broad action, like I am advocating concerning N.V.A.I.D.

The television News is the worst about this, in seeming to me all delivery style and hardware format features.


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Sublimated Indoctrination

Sublimated merely means below the notice and attention of the unary oneness sense of conscious identity. It is not that there is interlaced signal secretly sent in, to my opinion. That misses the point entirely. The human brain is entirely too complex for the conscious to monitor all effects on all brain cells brain-wide, doing diagnostics on the fly — a recursive impossibility in some realms of self-awareness. So it is more the audio high quality component that subliminally just conditions the listener to talk like the television newscaster, and think with many of the same word choice patterns, without ever having noticing having made such a willing decision. But it’s there in sublimated fashion.

Learn of One’s Own Brain Internal Organ

There are many official and unofficial usages of the term “subconscious.” I think of it as the distributed version of brain identity to neuron size, highly multipart, rather than our summary sense of unary oneness – which is less true to form, though key in brain resource allocation, and stands surprisingly as: an essential and standard healthy animal illusion. Thus all anatomy of a brain would have subconscious, when the Discrete One Illusion is conscious for us, rather than any part of the brain as its differing function, to this usage I use. It’s like drops in a multi-chamber bucket, but the sub-effect to what is smaller and within the entire conscious brain when awake can discuss all smaller sizes than organelle size, at any size scale between maybe 1/5th the size of an organelle in the brain, ranging down to no smaller than neurons and other cells. It doesn’t make sense to view the subconscious as smaller, nor larger, to me, but including all notions of scales in between the two idea limits I suggested for consideration.


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Each reader of this might care to remember that how we internet users “use” words in writing and conversation is the reality to what word “usage” becomes, no matter what some official source tries to decree is inviolate, and to also falsely imply has stronger than legal weight, than real person-by-person “usage” trends, that are what in actuality reference writers who respect their peer humans aim to keep up with and merely act as guide to contemporary most common usage. Some few authors of reference material, or the people supervising them possibly instead, might think we users and customers are scared sheep in need of the illusion of perfection, which always disappoints in its unreality. But we are capable of shouldering our own language usage, any of us. We humans morph and evolve the language, nice and patiently, but also with no need of virtual censors or censorship bureaus (whether government entity or commercial trade entity or professional society) stifling new terminology to strictly the realms of slang usage, or mechanical hardware and software terminology inventions of “ideas” of new syllable connections: words.

Words I notice come in two flavors: terms (for activities, factors, and modes) and nomenclature (for discernable physical things nameable in type, category, and stateable with extra pointer to point out a particular copy in writing, reading, or conversation). Digressions are nice, and maybe relieve the focus some…

Storytelling Drama Mode for Nonfiction Delivery

The format for even textually read nonfiction, without photo and image but without video or audio, does seem strange to me to approach very distorted and very selectively artistically edited discussions in a “storyteller” drama mode. It seems to me that Blogging is about authors who are Essayists, whereas magazine editing is about telling stories for dramatic effect, like some distorted crossover of a mix up between what should have been real fiction story enjoyment, mismatched with recent events in friends’ lives from social media: news, new to me and new to you.

Ways to Keep up with Global, Republic, State and Local Events

Postal service letters and cards, magazines, and newspapers, plus personal connection social media posts and comments cover far more than just three fixed stories per day, and present each human with variety in potential, and guard against unwitting indoctrination and the worse loss of self-determination after finishing, and also by format and practical functional timings and speeds and delay steps, guard against becoming entirely too wrapped up in a misconstruction and hampered somewhat from living ones own direct life. With “personal media that takes work, and interest” these sorts of threats are far less likely, due to the standard computer operator, or book and magazine reader change of activity to something alternative very soon after encountering some cognitive awkwardness, lack of personal applicability, and other excellent litmus tests for discontinuation being nice, while reading a post or comment, or an article. Desktop and laptop computer users will not scour through what is not enjoyable for them or if not then very valuable to them, a good thing, nor run the risk of immersive fatigued sublimated conditioning when too tired. If the human is not ready for task, on the computer gladly this tiredness matches activity termination inevitability, and that is not so for dealing with this threat, which can absorb and immerse us when weakest.


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Our First Amendment Freedom to Personally Press, for All

I believe the freedom of press once meant that every citizen of the Constitution People was predominantly more free than not free to press on writing instruments and printing instruments, plus press on surfaces and controls, in an analysis of human nature. This idea of mine then would maybe come with a move away from terming the television news as either media, press, or propagation propaganda, and a move toward news sources having no special freedom that is not also possessed by every citizen, and no special license to dominate delivery of news. I mention this idea at this point, because many essays in this blog concern the U.S. Bill of Rights and particularly the 1st Amendment greatly, and I am confident that the word “press” has maybe for at least one long century, or more, been completely misunderstood, as to what pressing with pressure on pens and pencils, and ink quills and home printer buttons, plus automobile brake pedals and turn signal nobs could mean as “pressing.”


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The Real Constitution (Preamble), and No Articles/Attachments to It

What leads me to that is the clear mode of the 1st Amendment to the Preamble: which applies to all The People, not just those who have jobs and passions for delivering Drama News. Each of the first 10 Amendments is meant to modify the Preamble, which is not about government organizations, but about people of verbal-defence, who find shelter from the rain if without an umbrella and interested – in self-defence, and who typically prefer public area and global reasonable domestic tranquility, and who have their personal liberty being securely belonging only to each person of liberty, and not secured to another’s opinion of it, or of what is vicariously considered best for it — a liberty infringement at least, if not a liberty infraction.

Liberty is Always very Limited

Knockdowns on liberty are in notion better quickly counteracted by assertive verbal or other defence, against maximizers or takers of liberties with others. One human has not the liberty to be in an automobile driving and in a restaurant dining simultaneously, and would not care for such social engineering attempts upon him or her anyhow. Liberty versus the world and nature around us, and the self nature of personal health and inclinations greatly restricting and limiting our liberties, means that discussions of proactive plans to boost liberty are very misguided as to the entire liberty issue.

Liberty Makes No Sense for a Sole Survivor Sole Individual

This misguidance is understandable and pardonable in so many of us never having been exposed to real life analyses, as liberty analyses in a social interplay scenarios are rare, with the realization that other citizens rather than just one individual do exist, and their liberties are online concurrently always. Even an individual in private is usually significantly self-motivated regarding not disrespecting or bothering unnecessarily other citizens, nor of taking actions that after some significant delay in time would cause social hassle for self or harming another person’s “Liberty to Life and Limb.”

Life and Limb

Life I interpret to mean the road ahead available to any car driver on a highway — be that homeward bound, shopping bound, or unbound and open of frontiers and ready for haphazard surprise in the minutes ahead, with speed limit high enough not to infract on grocery shopping liberty as commute times being reasonably livable and not 8 hours round trip at 5 miles per hour — for those having domiciles more than 20 miles away from resources — but if interrupted in his or her life by an accidental tire blowout of someone speeding versus shoulder availability and highway turn radius emergency tolerances. Liberty to life thus would be seen as quality and activity and openness of life, whereas limb would indicate issues sensitive to bodily injury liberty curtailment, often not nearly as horrific twisted in altered state upon an individual as taking of liberties to life’s qualities, as just mentioned.

Too low on liberty is the danger. Boosting higher is not constructive or sensible.

Liberty is a Word Describing Reality in Nature

All others are at liberty, by the nature of nature itself, and with no list of contrived laundry list edicts, to judge and have competing liberties ebb and flow, but speaking on behalf of another as to what he or she thinks of how his or her civil liberties or always equal human rights are doing, is all a matter of only the same individuals statements of respected-as-self-wise self-opinion. In conflict or if faced with police intervention, someone’s opinion of what’s best for himself or herself may of course not impress many others who also have liberty to do their jobs reasonably not hassled, but the “takeover maneuver” is surprisingly not the opposition between two parties of civil liberties each, but of some side party cutting in to act as personal representative to the interests of an individual, rendering the self individual’s words ignored by so many. This is a violation of priority number 1 (saved for last emphasis) of the Preamble, the Securing of the Blessings of Liberty to all of us Selves of Posterity. In contrast, the natural reality that everyday limited human liberties are always in ebb and flow and gently teeter totter the scales in friendly or firm contest — such as in the case of someone who has taken too much liberty from another and is being judged to be opposed, disregarded, or restrained such as in police apprehension — is maybe surprising to many people not in actuality nearly the liberty violation of the Preamble as is the “cut in takeover of self representation and self as expert on self” performed by a United States adult citizen concerning another adult citizen, and with this adult playing parent to a person not a child and not a dependent, stating that he or she knows best for him or her. This type of takeover is insidious in its seeming practical reasonable course of action, especially to avid parents of children, so it is essential that nearby other persons do pick up on that dangerous path approaching, and so verbally defend another’s right to his or her liberty being self-represented.


– transform edgy and passionate passages to even tempered
– respect every reader, and remove inflammatory taking of sides
– present perspectives open to other possibilities and analyses
– show of context and examples of applicability

Common Defence of Each Another is Failing at Countering N.V.A.I.D.

Beginning, with preparatory digression…

Commonly Unknown of – Hypotheses as to Commonality – Fancied by the Author

Verbal defence of each self/another, while among, or after delayed action, with Yang (masculine/feminine) delay-method-wording of stages-ahead criteria, to counter against Yin (feminine/masculine) greater Onset-Powers in Real-Now Brain Watts, in the moment. This contrasts with Yang typically, in Muscle Watts.

N.V:A.I:D. Acronym Conversation Points

  • Not Fiction-style (not most* advertisements, nor most* implied-contractually and explicitly verbally, graphically, nor acoustically declared as: fair-play drama, fair-play etc…)
  • Video (of minimal direct effect, yet of maximal imagery thalamus as CCD by analogy, sublime distractive)
  • Audio (of maximal watts input to human brains, self diagnostic loop sublimated)
  • Immersive (subliminally indoctrinated formerly as infant, and caught as of channel+ change, in few seconds)
  • Distortion(s): (list presently left for reader consideration) forthcoming…

Digressing, while seeming to diverge…

Commonly Unknown of – Hypothesis as to Global Integrated Nature Evolution Factors – Fancied by the Author

(1) Without nighttime RF-Solar-Power Biosphere filling, pre-1900 dawn and dusk factors delayed in effects, might very well have been multiplexly (sic) complexly causal to greatly disliked personal ef(?fect?)s (sic) effects, though unnoticeable to many as to “Near Acres” Sublocale (sic) immediately area-exits.


(sic) DIS-Illusion of Ostensibly-Wise currently in Detail Upkeep, of those Un-Fami(l)iar

Returning to the issue of televised simulated living room escorted national promenade via Nonfiction Video Audio-Immersive Distortion, my interpretation is that the psychologically damaging “pressing on brains” that N.V.A.I.D. does, to include documentaries not covering suitably decades ago long enough to not overstep into “recent events,” has free possibly malicious and malice-guided hold on very many United States citizens, at the slow sadistic thrill level of merely reducing quality of life upon subscribers a subtle 5-10% at all times, which could be a malicious dream, maybe, rather than something dramatic and risky to perpetrators. I suspect more so possible scriptwriters having anonymous faces, careful not to be visually known. Viewers and listeners cannot know at all the (feasible to me) cameras lined up like large webcams in edges of large teleprompting monitors arrayed around news anchors, whose faces have been compromised in awkward ways for decades now, and being possibly just more victims themselves.

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