Paradigm Shift

To handle this pitfall of the isolated writer, I have switched into published Open-View-Editing style with this blog, to fulfill my motivators toward contribution of ideas, by way of having this blog prepared to last many decades in the future, in whatever condition any future accident might leave it in.

Each Self Matters

There seems to often be a logical difficulty with the seemingly competing concepts of Equality and Individuality. In reality, there is no competition, for the notion of Equality is not comprensive, nor as absolute as perfectly identical clones of individuals. Rather, the notion of Equality is merely of “species equality” while allowing for “individual uniqueness.”

Self and Social

One might have at sometime wondered what a reasonable individual personal goal is for daily living, regarding how we might treat ourselves, and how we should treat others. A goal one could reach for every hour of everyday is reasonably well and good living for the self. But what about others? A parallel goal, to

U.S. Bill of Rights Guideposts

First Amendment Discussion Freedom is predominantly free, rather than free, meaning more free than not free, with ebb and flow considered, based on the syllables in the term “predominantly.” All personally held religious beliefs, which are thus short of conclusions, even to include Atheism, are defensible by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Freedom