Paradigm Shift

The road ahead toward the near and far future, through unpredictable conditions

My company activities are entirely toward publishing: software apps, music, photography, graphic designs, blogs of essays, and later books.

At this stage, there is little likelihood of significant income for several years, from any of my products published thus far. My main and only available self-driver is contribution toward future consumers, as personal monetary benefit is not yet available, nor imminent. If I were to become deceased before the many years required to develop these essays well enough for final book publishing, all would be for naught, unless I leverage the blog format. This reality is a force of reality upon me in the now, and had formerly shut down former book writing efforts, from exerting a great deal of effort in lengthy process even when in early stages of book writing, placing my authorship efforts in a virtual isolated void of purpose, fulfillable in any way that could sustain my drive in the now, real-time.

Leveraging the Blog Format

To handle this pitfall of the isolated writer, I have switched into published Open-View-Editing style with this blog, to fulfill my motivators toward contribution of ideas, by way of having this blog prepared to last many decades in the future, in whatever condition any future accident might leave it in.

This is even at the obvious risk of my rough brainstorming and very poorly written prose, while still under initial development, not painting favorably on who I seem to be. The less obvious risk of putting readers of this blog’s posts through uncomfortable reading experiences while these essay posts are still quite the mess of notes, I do apologize for. Readers might be faced with: hard to follow wording, erroneous seeming-implications followed by inconsistency at seeming-reversal, and more oddities while reading someone else’s brainstorming prose.

Regarding the Future

The result of using this open-view-editing style, is the establishment of immediate archival of each improvement to the essay writing process, as published for maybe centuries ahead, regardless of death or accident or delay, with each blog update to this living and breathing essay project.

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