Social Individuals

several people socializing happily

Classic 18th Century Liberty Theory places high regard for each individual person, and liberty theory also places high regard on social interplay and constructs, with great merit placed on social activities and interactions being a valued and desired basic life factor between multiple persons.

To react to the personal liberty of an individual, involves socially at least one other person of some degree of free will, and who by situation and availability is at personal liberty soon thereafter to react significantly, or react very mildly and mostly abstaining from strong reaction, in some manner. 

Casual social everyday issues of fair play replies and conversation, as well as more serious issues of potential personal infringements or the taking of unfair or infraction liberties from a socially involved person, whether of legal issue or not, involve a necessarily social liberty interplay.

Reasonable and flexible social allowances in conversation style and in not holding others in social conversation unreasonably responsible to an open and free conversation style with good tolerance for unfamiliarity.

Also, if in conflict as to initially felt reasonable awareness of topics or issues having actually been not the case, then returning quickly to excuse any initial unfamiliar commentary is a good default and fallback option, in such cases.

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