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U.S. Constitution Pamphlet

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The Constitution of the United States, Governing Paragraph prior to Articles and Amendments

Patrick Cheatham’s Interpretation of U.S. Constitution, before Articles

The United States Constitution, one could consider, might be taken as the first condensed paragraph all by itself, with the Articles being considered as administrative pragmatic attachments. These attachments were key first steps in developing a societal, governmental, and commercial structure for the United States, but they do not carry the philosophical and ethical weight of the first paragraph itself, commonly referred to as The Preamble.

Military Officer Oath to Constitution’s People

As a retired Captain in the U.S. Air Force, I the author, am still beholden to and empowered my original Oath of Office, which states that one is sworn to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, along with several stipulations on entering the Oath, and on adherence to it thereafter. I see this oath as my oath to all the citizens of the United States, including me. I arrived at this conclusion based on the Constitution Preamble being more than a document, but a living ordainment spoken on behalf of every citizen of the United States: “We the People.” I was selected for early permanent retirement, based on declaring my preference to generically and not contentiously author essays to submit to executive, legislative, and judicial staffs, at the federal, state, county, and city/municipality level, for suggestions only. I also have sent copies (declared in recipient listings) to interested commercial trade (in goods and services) associated entities. In time of fail-safe, retired officers are still responsible for basic seeded into the populace, survival technique peer leadership, and so on…

Nonbinding and Not Legally Enforceable

The content of the first paragraph of the U.S. Constitution is not considered to be legally valid. This has a beauty to it and an ugly mark to it. The ugly mark is that court cases such as Jacobson v. Massachusetts relegated the wording and genius of the Constitution Preamble to mean nothing, which has had centuries of detrimental affect on our United States, in losing any understanding of verb scope and noun scope and order of merit. This has sad realities tied to it. However, the beauty is that legal systems cannot have it both ways, and that if everyday citizens were to study the Preamble and guide their nonlegal and petition activities to its ethics, then legal wrangling cannot punish any citizen for merely having ethical opinions, which have nothing to do with legal decisions.

Adopting Verb, Noun, and Merit Preamble Ethics

Realistic ethical weighting of United States hourly and daily goals for citizenship living is actually available from the Preamble. This is not a matter of ethical drama-only fixation on only major transgressions, but is a milder ethical framework, that views every little nuance of how we treat ourselves and others as ethically pertinent, and for me while also freeing the individuals to have whatever ethics they have, with no effort to force ethics on anyone. Any effort to promote one type of ethical approach as superior to others is lost on me. People will be who they are, and each by nature will have at least slightly different ethical attitudes. The beautiful factor here is that the ethics of the Preamble to U.S. Constitution seem to have been designed so very broadly and reasonably as to welcome all and count out no one.

Order of Merit of Nouns

From what I have formerly learned of 18th Century writing styles, I believe that the listing of words in the Preamble is weighted toward the final and last words mentioned being the most important, and the words to leave in the mind of the reader of the condensed paragraph. (This is similar to “men and women.” Places of honor for Yang and Yin are complementary, and correlatively reversible.) In this sense, starting with the nouns of realms of life in the United states, the order of merit is the following:

#1 Merit – secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

These so called Blessings of Liberty belong secured, or imbued and embedded, in each Self citizen of ourselves citizens. This is rather than Blessings of Liberty meaning independence or sovereignty in between republics, or nations or governments. The Blessings of Liberty are clearly and carefully tied to each Self. This makes Liberty a bit of a surprise to some persons, who were formerly of the idea that Liberty was a republic, or national or government issue between the United States and other republics. This is not the case. Instead, the Blessings from life of personal Liberty are entirely an individual citizen self-ownership issue and factor.


#2 Merit – promote the general Welfare

The idea behind promote general welfare, from my studies of centuries old writing style, might have been to firmly build incentives broad-brush to all citizenry, as a start. (This is similar to social service “promoted” material.) This is crucially important, or no gathering of citizens could ever boot up a collective with any power to benefit all.

But there is more.

A measure of merit as to policies’ benefits to all, by companies and government, for the wise guidance of personnel or persons affected, might be better to defend from accidental or intentional infraction upon selves (as groups or individually) by other selves (as groups or individually), rather than trying to improve lives of others, which is better left to the selves self-care.

Infringe is not of the same degree as infract. Infractions upon life and limb, differ as to what life is and what limb is.

Liberty to Life and Limb

Life is what is being experienced in real-time by an individual, with frontiers and opportunity ahead. Limb is a matter of physical damage and health parameter wellness. Infraction to liberty to limb, by others only, is of merit greatly to the question, only because it affects immediately, quality of life. Quality of life infractions without limb infractions, by others only, is of merit greatly always (as limb infractions are rare), and is often overlooked.

#3 Merit – provide for the common defence

Provide is most greatly pre-provided. To give or to provide… To inquire or to prompt… Defensive automobile driving for the commonality between licensed drivers, ever biologically animal operating toward defence of self and/or others. For example, to defend commercial aircraft from hail damage, aircraft are towed into shelters. Once the doors are closed, protection has been established. Winter clothing readjustment is defence. Once in place, protection is established. Every driver, of whatever personal bent, does at least continually, whilst driving, fear the deductible cost of impact, as a minimum. Species fear is ever ready, from 1 millisecond to no more than 30 seconds ahead in real-time frontiers. Placing persons in decision binds, with fright triggered over 30 seconds future tense, is unfair equipment safety feature design, taking the Fer man and Womb man (as a start at a contemporary retranslation of: Werewolf Wermen Vvermen and Wom(b)men Woefmen, *work in progress…) out of in-process, whilst in-place in a particular situation, on his or her mental path of life.

#4 Merit – insure domestic Tranquility

To ensure by group dynamics, preemptively, is from the French “Entre.” Insurance polices do not even react until after a contingency has manifested. Domestic is multi-domiciliary. Domestic disturbances always involve at least one citizen complaining about at least one other, both part of multi-domicile inhabitancy, whether at home or abroad. When in mild conflict, both parties acting as accountable to each other, plus fellow citizens whose oath is about protection (sensitive to doors and protective roof factors of all nearby), and whom would have great personal danger as second responders, being fellow citizens themselves: Police. The first responders are always the citizens at issue. Police are citizens also.

#5 Merit – establish Justice

Justice is regrettable, yet the risks of repeat offense against others within social distance, is of great merit in retarding. Just and unjust is a matter of opinion, and far short of justice. However, just has many meanings: solely, strictly, only, merely, exactly, and so forth. The power of the word is anti-inflammatory. Crime ends when the crime scene is in transition toward again domestic tranquility, which is available at baseball stadiums, shopping malls, recess playgrounds, where calm reigns. Calm reduction is not the way. Speed of light and speed of sound and intermediate medium is the psyche transfer suction mode of calm increase at the expense of calm decrease in an other. For __________ unto others? is the self-question.

From U.S.A.F. 1999 TQM’d Air Force Values

Mental and bodily integrity, rather than microscopic dis-integral, is the factor of integral integrity. Late 1990s “Notes, Warnings, and Cautions” imo, to serve self and/or others, in time-dynamic ebb and flow of back-and-forth, less the horse pulling the cart is in malnutrition. Better termed “Self-restrained violence we stand at ready for…” Late 1990s “Notes, Warnings, and Cautions” imo, excellence in every sneeze, better put as “Excellent end-results we aim for…” (whether happened upon, “irresponsibly” stumbled upon, or strived for: results matter)

#6 Merit – form a more perfect Union

This stood at the time of enactment as the administrative means by which to accomplish the former goals, and the means by which to install and establish the basic framework of U.S. Article government, upon which to build in the following years. (From the old English Per-, as in Per 100, with all quantitizing performed with near-identical stair-step increments: percent. [Carpenters might understand.] Per-20 would be solely nickels, for $1.00. Quantum allows for stair steps of 5-10-5-5-25-50 = 100. Per does not allow for that. Old French -fect [from English Language Etymology – Barnhart], as in defective, and confectionary sugar, is in my consideration…) Conceivably, one step more upward, from 13 sovereigns of 1776, to join for pragmatic shipping unity, quite possibly.

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